Friday, Apr. 15, 2005 - i'm pneumatic! - 13:56

so sick. my voice goes honkhonkhonk and i have lovely raspberry-flavored codeine cough syrup to take before bedtime and i've been home for FOUR DAYS and i can't do anything. like anything. like i finally succumbed to the boredom this morning and tried to sweep the downstairs floors and then spent several minutes doubled over with my trachea trying to escape via my eyesockets. no good.

i have, however, put a nice dent in my nyt sunday crossword puzzle omnibus. and watched the entire second season of gilmore girls on dvd.

whole foods has coconut macaroons that will absolutely knock your socks off. even if you have shoes on. right the fuck off your feet.

things i would like to be eating right now, in no particular order: pasta with spinach and salmon and mushrooms, mascarpone/brown sugar icing, coconut tofu, aloo palak, something with sundried tomatoes and feta, those stuffed loaves of sourdough bread i made a couple of weeks ago, date bars, good ripe berries.

what i have instead: coca-cola with lime.


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